The story of money and leveraged income by Brian Carruthers

The Ultimate Recruiting Tool

The key to recruiting is showing your business opportunity to open-minded prospects. Marketers often give up and quit after repeated exposure to people with closed minds who reject the idea of your business. It’s hard not to take it personally; you feel like they are rejecting you. This generic book about the power of money will remove fear from the equation forever. Designed as a preliminary-approach tool, this book will open their receptivity unlike anything else. Readers will realize they need to make a change and create leveraged income. They will see network marketing as the best vehicle to do so. Once their barriers are lowered, you can share your business more freely.

The process is a lot more fun when the stiff-arm rejection goes away. As your team’s exposures increase, so will your business. Imagine what a 20 percent bump in more prospects would do to your commission check. Imagine the members of your team getting 100 proper exposures in the market consistently each month. Use the autoship option to develop habitual prospecting for your team … and watch your numbers skyrocket as a result of this one-of-a-kind recruiting tool.

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Can a simple short story that requires a mere 10 minute read really change a person’s ability to attract more money into their life?

This powerful, true story is about how a young man realized how he was trading his time for money. But through a chance conversation and light bulb moment, he suddenly learned how the wealthy used leverage to create passive cash flow and abundant lifestyles.One either attracts or repels money, and most people have never diagnosed which action they are engaging in. What is extraordinary is that reading one short book can change your philosophy about money, which sets the stage for a potential life altering new relationship with money. In order to ascertain what is holding yourself back financially, you shall be urged to open your mind and think like someone who has figured out the secret to freedom.

When you only earn from your own efforts, it is near impossible to break through and create wealth. But when you have leveraged income, a whole new world opens up to you. The sky becomes the limit.

This book was written to serve two purposes. The first goal is to help change the reader’s mindset and philosophy about money, and to help him/her begin to attract money like never before.

The second purpose for this book is to be used by marketers as a tool to open the minds of people they would like to introduce to their business model. A common challenge for anyone in the home based business world is to find people who are open and interested in hearing about their business. By leading with this book, you will be swinging open their mental door of receptivity. Once open, you can walk right in and share your incredible life-changing business to a receptive ear. History and experience show that talking to someone who is not consciously interested in creating wealth will always be met with resistance.

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How would you like to only talk to / meet with people who have a red hot, burning desire to create a big income? Wouldn’t that make your business much more fun? This book represents the key to the door of receptivity. It will be the spark to ignite that burning desire in your audience. The book has been priced so that it can be given away as your calling card – a card that will resonate and speak to people when you are not there. This book is the seed that you will plant, which will in turn create a bountiful harvest. The ultimate prospecting tool. The book weighs one ounce and can be mailed with one stamp in a long envelope. Just one avenue. Of course, handing it out may be even better.

Read it… share it… grow your wealth with it.

About the Author

Brian Carruthers

Prior to becoming the pace-setter for the 300,000+ associates in his network marketing business, Brian enjoyed a successful career in real estate.

A Maryland/DC native, his business knowledge came from many successful associations with very wealthy and successful entrepreneurs – one of whom was his father, who built one of the largest real estate companies on the East Coast in the 1970s.

By the age of 30, Brian pulled all of his experience, knowledge and mentorship and became the mentor for more than 100,000 associates on his team across North America. Brian Carruthers has become a “success coach,” helping people to dream again … then helping them to achieve their dreams. He has already helped thousands of his business associates to become successful business owners, get out of the corporate world rat-race, and begin to spend real time with their families doing the things that are really important to them.

Brian loves to help people, and gives of himself to that end every day.

“Don’t worry about the money,” Brian says. “Help enough people get what they want out of life, and you will be taken care of in a big way.”

Brian sought out the very best in his field and industry, learned from them, then applied those principles and philosophies to develop the fastest growing and most successful team of entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Brian has been touted by national organizations and business publications as the real deal (see Home Business magazine). Becoming such a success by this young age was not just a dream, it was his expectation.

“What you expect, happens,” adds Brian. Now Brian’s goal is to create thousands of new success stories. “As our profession grows, and the people in it grow, so will their incomes.”

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